Midterm Take Home Questionnaire

Midterm Take Home Questionnaire
1) Each answer must be typed in Times New Roman, font size 12, and double spaced.
2) Each answer must have appropriate amount of footnotes in Chicago Style.
3) Each answer should be at least 3 pages and at most 4 pages long ( about 1000 words).
4) Each answer should start on a new page, preceded by the question it answers.
5) Email me an electronic copy of your exam and bring in a hard copy to the class on Monday, March 18th. The exam is due by the beginning of the class, 12.30 PM. This deadline won’t be negotiated.


1) In the chapter titled as “The Tanzimat”, Carter Vaughn Findley identifies two periods of reformation/re-ordering. What were the dates of these two distinct periods, and which specific events, social developments and particular edicts marked their beginnings. Why do you think it is necessary to separate the era into two such episodes?
2) Using Benjamin C. Fortna’s “The reign of Abdülhamid II” and M. Sükrü Hanioglu’s “The Second Constitutional Period, 1908-18” as your sources, explain the environment in which Young Turks came into existence, made their ideological and political promises, and formed their alliances with other interest groups. To what extent do you think they found success and maintained the control of power? Please be specific about who were the Young Turks.
3) Hasan Kayali’s “The struggle for impendence” identifies a number of critical developments during the post World War I Turkish struggle for an independent homeland in Anatolia. Pick the 3 most crucial developments which, in your opinion, determined the outcome of this struggle. Explain why?
4) Taking Feroz Ahmad’s “Politics and political parties in Republican Turkey” as your source, explain the mergence of Islamic and right leaning political parties in Turkey, which preceded Justice and Development Party (AKP). If you read and incorporate the chapter 13, Jenny B. White’s “Islam and politics in contemporary Turkey”, into this answer, you will get extra points!



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