modes of entry

modes of entry

Topic: Critically analyse what factors encourage organisations to internationalise, evaluating which modes of entry are most suitable for products or services when moving into a new market (can use more than 1 example) from the home country to the host country.

The discussion should consider the marketing mix but do not have to give equal weighting to all aspects.

Assessment criterias:

1)A clear outline in the introduction on how the question set is to be answered (what will be analysed or discussed in the sections of the essay.

2)Intergration of appropriate technical and conceptual terms/models.

3)Use more than one example when utilising products/services

4)Analyse factors that encourage overseas expansion

5)Evaluate modes of entry

6)Appropriate application, understanding and critique of different products/service markets

7)Applying a good range of journal material into your essay to support argument and ideas

8)Implementation of a structured conclusion summarising the key points of your chosen organisation and destination to the question set.

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