Network Business Card (NBC)

Network Business Card (NBC)

For this Assignment you will create a Network Business Card (NBC). Review the section in Chapter 4, “Specific Tools to Enhance Networking Results.” Search on the internet to locate websites that allow you to experiment with designing your own NBC. (Use the key words: Networking Business Card.)

Keep in mind there are various approaches to the construction of your NBC outside of the referred links, including Word/clip art, Power Point, and so on. Use the format that works best for you.

It costs nothing to create a design at many of the online business card stores. Explore the different logos. If you are going into an IT field, consider adding a computer icon on your card. These services are very inexpensive and purchasing the minimum number of cards should last you a sufficient amount of time, depending on how often you hand out your card. It will only cost a few cappuccinos to make and deliver the cards to your home address. As an alternative, you can use heavy paper, also known as card stock, with your own computer software to make your cards. Many students add a photo of themselves to their NBC. Consider adding a picture of yourself as well! Check to make sure your NBC is professional and easy to read.



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