Nursing Care

You will need to formulate a care plan utilising the template provided. The care plan will need to show use of all the stages of Nursing Process (assess, plan, implement, evaluation). Your assessment of the patient must show evidence of a comprehensive assessment using objective and subjective information from the scenario, your own knowledge and understanding of the condition for the chosen scenario, as well as other assessment tools e.g. Waterlow score, MUST, VIP. 

t is for you to decide an appropriate assessment framework for the chosen scenario and for this to be explicit in the assessment section of your care plan. The nursing care plan must identify in order of priority the two most important actual nursing problems, goals, interventions and evaluation. The nursing problems should be stated in a recognised format 

Goals must be SMART, the nursing interventions and evaluation must be in context with the patient environment for the scenario – primary or secondary care.

The nursing problems must be specific and distinct e.g. if you choose “Acute breathlessness related to chest infection” as the first nursing problem, you cannot then identify “Cough” as the second problem. This will mean that you have chosen two problems that relate to the respiratory system and as such the nursing interventions are likely to be similar and therefore repetitive in content. You must demonstrate your ability to view the patient in both a holistic and comprehensive manner and select problems that reflect their current status and the scenario context. 

The care plan in landscape format must be submitted as an appendix and should be referred to throughout in the essay discussion. Your work will not be marked if you fail to submit a care plan.

This will assess the ability to: 
– Conduct a comprehensive assessment of a patient with complex care needs.
– Formulate a care plan that identifies and prioritises two nursing problems.
– Critically analyse the nursing care. 

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nursing care

nursing care

Paper instructions:

The assignment is as follows: Think of one client for whom you have recently provided nursing care. Describe the care you provided for that client. What nursing knowledge did you use when providing care for this client? Where did that knowledge come from?

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These are optional reading that will provide additional insight and depth to your understanding of this topic.

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