Computer science

XYZ plc is a small consulting company based in Singapore that sells specialty software products as one of the several lines of business. When the company receives an order, the technician specialist will burn the software to a DVD, print and affix a label, insert it into a DVD envelope, and then insert the DVD into a padded mailer. The clerk will then print a mailing label and postage. Eventually, the deliveryman will drop off several mailers at once at the post office.

Belatedly, the XYZ plc engages a web developer to design and implements a website for the company. An employee suggests that if you let customers order and download the software directly from your website, the company can save all the costs associated with sending out DVDs – to say nothing of the wear and tear on the delivery van and the delivery man patience when going to the post office.

You are to critically evaluate the operation of the above XYZ plc from an operations management perspective after the introduction of business strategy of letting their customers order and download the software directly from the website. You should report and critically discuss your views on the operations problems and opportunities that the above XYZ plc might face and the possible alternative remedies and opportunities available to operations managers in the company. Your report should cover:-

1. The operations strategy contribution to overall business objectives.

2. Product/service design issues and possibilities.

3. Capacity management and scheduling methods and how the recommended techniques may aid operations managers to improve performance.

4. Aspects of quality management.

5. In discussing 1-4 give examples of the information systems which may contribute to performance improvements in each of the five areas.

6. In conclusion, the students are to reflect on their recommended solution to this organisation and critically discuss whether any such strategic operational opportunities will still be relevant 5 years from now.


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