Parental divorce and impact on children

Topic: Parental divorce and impact on children
Complete research proposal based on previous research topic. Parental divorce and impact on children. Be sure to use APA format, ensure 5 references are used and are within last 5 years. Be sure to follow APA throuhout this paper. Use in-text citations when necessary
Unit VII Appendices and References
Create and submit the Time Schedule for the proposed research and resources needed, as well as additional personnel,
budget details, the consent forms, and the questions used for the surveys/questionnaires/interviews. The questions and
possible responses must support the research objectives and the hypothesis. (Estimated length – five pages)
• Time Schedule/Time Line: Propose how long the research process could take (hypothetically).
Remember that a proposal stops at the proposal stage and that there is no actual research conducted by
you. You are to propose what you will do and when to carry out the study. (Estimated length – two paragraphs)
• Resources Needed: List and explain all proposed resources (e.g., computers, programs, surveys, etc.).
(Estimated length – two paragraphs)
MBA 5652, Research Methods 4
• Personnel: List the categories or types of assistance needed from others (not the participants) to conduct
the proposed research. (Estimated length – one paragraph)
• Budget: List all expenses proposed to incur during the research. Include all details for the proposed
budget, and then add them up for a total proposed budget. (Estimated length – half a page)

• Needed Assurances/Clearances: Include the proposed releases needed for tests, surveys, or other
instruments that may be used to conduct the research. Research involving humans require consent
forms. Create and include the voluntary consent form for participant permission. See pages 80-81 of your
textbook. (Estimated length – one page)
• Surveys/Questionnaires/Interviews: Create and include the list of questions proposed to be asked for the
research. Make sure the questions pertain to and support the problem statement, the objectives of the
study, and the hypothesis. Include the possible answers when using a multiple-choice or Likert format.
(Estimated length – one to two pages)

• References: List a minimum of five references used for the Literature Review of this Research Proposal.
Follow APA guidelines regarding use of references in text and in the references page. Only references
cited in the text are to be included in the references page. See page 282 of the textbook. (Estimated
length – one page)
Each part of this assignment should be submitted in one document.

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