Personal Fact Sheet

Personal Fact Sheet

This assignment challenges you to create a one-page personal fact sheet. Include any information about yourself and your life experiences that you think might be interesting to the reader, and try to present the information in a visually appealing way.

Purpose of the assignment
The main purpose of this assignment is to break the ice and get our thinking caps on for the semester. Tell us about your life experiences, your hopes and dreams, your amazing skills, your favorite things, your least favorite things, etc. In other words, give the reader a sense of who you are. Create a compelling document that another student in the class would want to pick up and read (or at least glance through).

There are no strict rules for how the document should look. However, it should not look like an essay or a resume. Have fun with it. It should have interesting content and be visually appealing. I urge you to think about ways of breaking the content up into small chunks that are easy to digest.

A secondary purpose of this assignment is simply to get you acquainted with the process of reading and following my assignment specification sheets. Please read this sheet carefully and follow all of the instructions. This is how you earn points in the class. Every semester, I am surprised when people turn in assignments with items missing. If they had slowed down just a little bit and read the spec sheet more closely, they would have created complete documents and earned more points. Please pay close attention to the spec sheets—I want you to earn all the points you can. If you don’t understand something in the spec sheet, get in touch with me before the assignment is due.

Create your document in Microsoft Word. Follow these additional guidelines:

Limit your fact sheet to one page.
Include at least one photo of yourself.
Keep the file size below 1 MB. That means you may need to resize your photos to a smaller size. Use Word’s built-in photo tools to reduce your file size.
Expand Word’s styles pane to inspect the styles used in the document. Alter at least one of the in-use styles. Completely avoid the “Change Styles” button.
At the end of your document, insert a page break (a real one—don’t simply hit the Enter key a bunch of times). On the new blank page, explain the motivation behind your style alteration. Use formal English.
Do not follow the class style sheet on this first assignment.
Save the final document as ENG271FactSheet-y3i.docx and upload to D2L before midnight on Thursday, May 23.

Note that the “y3i” in the filename should be replaced with your three initials (or two initials if you only have two initials). Please name the file as requested. It helps me organize them on my computer.

You earn points on this assignment by following this spec sheet closely. Remember that the document should have interesting content and be visually appealing. Pay close attention to the additional guidelines under the Deliverable section above.


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