Personal Statement, History and Political Science

Personal Statement, History and Political Science

international relation studies


Project description
these are 5 short answer questions ,, answer them in few brief sentences , remember the who/ what; when and where included with each answer .
1) Briefly describe the German wars of Unification of the nineteenth century?

2) World war 1 was a defining experience for nearly every German who served (and survived) provides two examples of how life at the front differed from his pre-war lifestyle and outlook?

3) Do to new developments, technology changes rapidly to keep up with those changes when a country is at war. Name two new military technologies that came bout in world war 1and how using them: 1) provided a definite advantage or 2) provided on advantage at all in the long run.

4) Why were the people of the various countries so excited when the World War 1 broke out, not seeming to dread the inevitable human costs of war, but romanticizing their sacrifices? (Bear in mind that Europe had not seen a prolonged and costly war since the days of napoleon in the early1800s)

5) Name and describe the four mainstream political parties that dominated the political landscape between unification and world war 1



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