physical environment

physical environment
Paper instructions:
Part I: (Min 220 words)
How do you interact with your physical environment? How do you see yourself as a part of the natural world? How has your culture shaped your view of the environment? If you were to take on the perspective of someone with opposite beliefs as you, how would they characterize you? How do you personally use natural resources? How are you dependent on the natural systems in your area (e.g., water, energy, food, minerals)? How is your local culture shaped by your local environment? Look for examples in your community of resource overuse, pollution, or depletion as well as examples of resource conservation, recycling, and reuse. Is natural resource use something that you think about in your own life? For example, do you make choices for yourself or family with food packaging, home heating oil, gasoline for car, or bus transportation in mind?

Part II: Research Assignment
Research the problems with plastic and how it is affecting marine life and islands in the Pacific Ocean.

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