Political Environments of Administration

Question 1
“In Politics”  Please respond to the following:
Some top administrators believe that they should welcome congressional oversight in areas in which committees or members have legitimate concerns. Discuss two (2) reasons a public administrator might hold this view.

Question 2
“Agency Legislation”(agency to use is USAID):  Please respond to the following:
Go to the Federal Digital System Website, located at http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/, and type in USAID in the search engine and review the agency’s latest rulings. Discuss one (1) current ruling and comment on how the agency head is impacted by one or two political environments in which the agency must operate.

Helpful information for question 2 below:

This figure breaks the political-legal process down to show how the agency is impacted by various political forces. Every agency head has, in some form or manner, an administrative responsibility to each of these forces. The forces in red are the strongest and most controversial forces the agency head must adhere to. Now, this does not mean the remaining forces don’t hold any weight. Their role is different in how they impact the agencies programs, services, and goods.  Please keep in mind, any agency head that refuses his or her role in their administrative responsibility to any of these forces will put the agency at risk in meeting is goals, mission, and vision.

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The figure above demonstrates to be an effective public administrator and handle the many responsibilities of the political-legal environment; the individual must have a combination of business acumen and political savvy. This is shown in the illustration here. The public administrator must be able to manage the program and political environment simultaneously. Success demands the ability to pull people together for meaningful purposes despite the thousands of forces that push them apart.  In any agency program environment, there will be political issues that will affect the political environment and vice versa. The public administrator needs to know what political strategies are needed to diffuse the issue with persuasion towards interest groups, compromise of public support, and consent of key acts and major players.


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