Political science

A Report on Sustainable Energy, with a View to its Implementation in the UAE”

Project Requirements:

Length:                 1000-1200 words
Plagiarism:         This is a reminder that any part of the work that has been plagiarized will result in you receiving a zero for this assessment. Please remind yourself as to what constitutes plagiarism. All sources must be included as both an in-text citation and in a reference list at the end. You must use APA style. Images must be cited and referenced too.
HCT style guide
Typeface:                            Times New Roman or Arial

Font:                                     Text= 12 point
Headings = 14 point and bold
Line Spacing:                      1.5
Paragraphs:                        Full block (no indents). One additional line between paragraphs
Page numbers:                 Not on cover page, start from main text, bottom right side of page
Cover page:                        Title (any style and font)
                                                Name and H number
Course name and code
Date of submission
Name of teacher
Honesty statement:       Either on cover page or at the end of the submission
Additional requirements

Contents page:                 Each section of the report must be listed in the contents page
Safe Assign:                        Draft Project must be submitted through Safe Assign. You must include the Safe                                                              Assign report in the appendices
First draft deadlineEnd of Week  13 (Saturday  May 31, 11:59pm)
                                                All submissions must be through Blackboard Learn
Penalty for late submission:  Unapproved late submission – DMC policies apply.                                                                            
                                                 (up to 5 working days 5% deduction per day. Later = 0% )

Approved late submission – No penalty. Chair approval required.

Political Science

Political Science

Read the article by Richard Hofstader titled “The Paranoid Style in American Politics” in the Content section under Class Resources. Identify recent examples of what Richard Hofstader called the “paranoid syle in American politics.” Do you think that this style is more common than when Hofstader first identified it more than forty years ago? Why or why not?



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