primary source document analysis

Topic: primary source document analysis
For this assignment you will need to find two primary documents related to Film “Videodrome,” and also related to our topic(Williams article). You will need to turn in copies/print-outs of each document, along with a 275word analysis of EACH document. That is, two separate but short analyses. What is a primary document? A primary document is a piece of evidence from a film’s production, exhibition or distribution. It can include production memos, written at studios, production stills, contemporaneous trade journal reports, reviews (not used as analysis but as a means of gauging popular critical review), posters and advertisements, letters written by fans, web blogs. Of your two documents, one should be related to production (studio memo, production file, trade journal reports on projects in development, or their continued development), and one should be a marketing, exhibition or reception documents (posters, ads, box office reports, reviews, Neilson ratings, fan letters). You can use documents from physical sources or online. The major issue with online sources is the determination of provenance (or where the document comes from and whether or not is “authentic”). So, for Internet sources you will be required to determine the original source of the document and how it became available online. Your written analysis should detail the original source and date of the document as well as how you found it and where it is located.
I will upload my paper, and also outline for Williams’ article. please read those and know what topic we are on, and find primary source based on that. I will be very strict on your work, so please do proper job, and fulfill every requirement above. If you are not sure about primary source, please ask me before you start your work.

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