Problem Statement, Company Background & Problem Background

Problem Statement, Company Background & Problem Background
Often times in organizations, change is initiated because there is a dissatisfaction with the status quo. When companies seek to move in a new direction, improve something, or solve problems, change is afoot. Select an organizational problem to confront, analyze and solve. If you cannot use a real issue for these assignments, you can generate a fictional problem.

For this exercise/assignment you will create have three sections.

Problem Statement: The first section is very brief and succinct statement of the organizational problem, which you are attempting to address. These should be between 1 and 3 sentences at the most. Here are some examples:

Problem Statement Example 1: This report will address a retention problem at ABC Company, which has affected the organization in additional hiring, re-training, onboarding, and lost production costs. This report will define the problem, investigate the cause, propose a solution and implementation plan that will target the underlying issues.

Problem Statement Example 2: This project paper will investigate declining profits at Smith’s Furniture Factory. Although customer relationships remain high and market share is strong, unknown internal issues have a caused a significant drop in profits for the past year. Currently, the specific cause remains unknown; however internal reports show a significant rise in the operating costs within the Manufacturing Department. This paper serves as a written report detailing the investigation, root cause analysis, solution, implementation, and evaluation plan regarding this problem.

Company Background: The second section will be less about the problem, but more about providing the context of the problem. It should discuss, the industry the company is in, brief mention of the market or competitors if need be, company history, major players and leaders, union or non-union, etc. (These are not required elements but ideas for the type of thing contained in this section.

Problem Background: The third section of this Exercise will be a more detailed discussion of the Problem Statement. It should discuss the effects of the problem, symptoms, costs, and internal reaction to it, and so forth. Generally speaking this section will discuss the “story” of the problem, discussing when it started, how it was noticed, reactions, and lead the reader up to the current state of this issue today.


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