Psychology and Education

Psychology and Education

Paper instructions:
(Follow the directions and create a post of 150-200 words, as if you were starting a discussion)
Social Exchange Theory states that people make a decision to get into or stay in a relationship by comparing costs versus rewards. If there is a loss of time, freedom, money, self-esteem, etc., and those losses are not offset by rewards such as friendship, love, fun, laughter, money, favors, support or confirmation of our value, then we may choose to exit the relationship.

Dialectical Theory states that there is the ultimate tension of intimacy versus independence (represented more specifically by the terms connectedness vs. autonomy, predictability vs. novelty (also knows as certainty vs. uncertainty) and openness vs. closedness). If the tension between your needs and your partner’s needs in one or more of these three areas is too great, it is likely the relationship will be ended.

Social Penetration Theory states that increased intimacy can only be gained through self-disclosure or verbal sharing about ourselves.

After reading about these in the text, choose one, give an example of a relationship you were in (or currently are) that demonstrates that theory. Start your post by listing which theory you are giving an example of. Use the terminology from the material when discussing how it is an example of that theory.

For example, if you choose to give an example of a relationship that demonstrates dialectical theory, you will need to specifically mention each of the 3 tensions. If your example demonstrates the Social Penetration Theory you will need to bring into the discussion some of the principles and characteristics of self-disclosing on pages 269-279. Your example may be of a relationship that was ended because the losses were greater than the gains, the tensions were too great or there was not enough self-disclosure. Or your example may be of a relationship that the rewards were greater than the losses, the tensions were resolved or there was enough self-disclosure to reach intimacy so the relationship was maintained.

In-depth inferences and understanding of theory evident with all aspects of theory addressed in relationship example. Communication terminology is used correctly and blended smoothly.


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