Psychology Research Lab Report

1. Go to an online site where you can chose to participate an online psych experiemnt. Here are three such
sites BUT you are not limited to them. (If you do use a different one, please include its URL at he top of
your paper.

2. Select an experiemnt that appeals to you interest. Do the task and when you are through, make notes on the
experience like what was involved, what you learned etc.

3. In two pages or less, you are to design a study using the tool that you used. The write-up should contain
the following brief paragraphs:
a. Introduction (~ 4 sentences. What is the test and what underlying construct does it measure, why is it
important,how is it limited.)
b. Literature Review (What has happenned intellectually in the research field where the test was used. Use
this to generate 1 or 2 (but not more) hypotheses.
c. List your hypotheses. (~ 2 lines each)
d. Describe the methodology that you would use to empirically study to facilitate answering the issue you
raise in the hypothesis. (It could be an experiemntal study, correlational, quasi-experimental etc.)
e. Identify the statistical test you would use to analyze your data (i.e. a Pearson r for a correlastional
study, t-test for a two (between) groups study, F test (Anova) for more than 3 groups etc.
f.Tell us what a significant result would mean and what a non-sgnificant finding would mean.
g. Discuss what you have learned doing this little exercise.

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