Public Policy

2 parts One full page each (700 words) APA Style

Part 1 -What are the factors that influence which problems get addressed by our state and federal legislatures? Do the political ideologies of the elected official, the media, public opinion, or the stance of business or other interest groups influence how a policy topic is approached and acted upon? Relate your discussion to appropriate theories located in your text or the literature. Base your discussion on one of these policy areas:

Part 2- Listen to the NPR audio, “Time Running Short for Congress to Agree on Border Bill,” linked in Resources. What reasons did you hear for the failure of President Obama’s immigration bill to be placed on the agenda for the House of Representatives prior to their summer vacation? Apply policy process models as appropriate, in terms of your analysis.

public policy

public policy

Choose one of the public policy issues discussed in Lesson 7 (poverty, corporate welfare, or outsourcing), do some additional research on your chosen topic, and present your findings here.

How did your chosen public policy come about?

What crisis created it?

Has this policy been effective?

How would you modify it if you were the president?


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