Purchasing and supply chain management

purchasing and supply chain management
There are 3 course works
1 [supply chain 1-2500 word
You need to analyse an existing supply chain structure and strategies of an organisation and suggest any improvements that need to be made. Strategies in Supply Chain refers to their e.g., tools, techniques, policies and frameworks. You need to sketch the organisation?s SC structure (SC Map) ? you can use e.g., the grocery SC structure diagram (As-Is/Current SC Model). Examples include a study of the manufacturing/production based SC, engineering based SC, service based SC, distribution system and store deliveries at McDonalds, design of a logistics system for a manufacturer of refrigeration equipment, hubs and any relevant examples (you can choose any real life organisations). Identify all relevant nodes (stakeholders) in the SC (of your selected organisations). Then identify the existing SC capability, significant SC issues in the external/internal SC of the organisation. You need to undertake node-by-node analysis for As-Is SC structure. After identifying issues for your organisation?s SC structure, you need to improve the SC problems and SC responses and sketch/draw ?To Be (improved)? SC Model for the organisation. Similarly you need to do an improved (?To Be?) node-by-node analysis. Selection of the nodes and their combination (for node-by-node analysis) are entirely up to you but please only identify significant SC issues ? as you will observe from your investigation/research some nodes demonstrate similar SC issues and responses. You also need to consider the logic of the SC structure (the individual nodes sequence when selecting combination of different nodes). ]
[supply chain 2-3500 words
(i) Investigating sustainable supply chain issues
(ii) How to manage and respond to these sustainable supply chain issues
You need to identify, critically evaluate the supply and logistics collaboration issues and assess how to manage and respond in a sustainable supply chain context. Examples of sustainable supply chain themes and scenarios:
➢ Humanitarian Supply Chain or Aid/Charity/Donor based Supply Chain
➢ Ethical Supply Chain
➢ Low carbon Supply Chain (Climate change, Environment, Health and Safety based Supply Chain)
➢ Green Supply Chain initiatives (as no: (iii) above)
➢ Supply Chain Governance
➢ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Supply Chain
➢ Fair Trade Supply Chain vs Free Trade Supply Chain
➢ Waste Management/Recycling Initiatives and Effort
➢ Renewable Energy/Alternative Energy
➢ Health and Well Being
➢ Secured Supply Chain (Safety)
➢ Financial Accounting, Reporting and Auditing Trails
➢ Any Other Appropriate and Suitable Sustainable Supply Chain scenarios (You may want to check with me first your proposed sustainable themes)
You only need to select any ONE of the above]
[purchasing principle of law 3000 words?Negotiation has traditionally been based upon a competitive model, leaving collaborative strategies underutilized, mainly because most people do not understand the finer points of collaboration.?
In terms of negotiation, critically evaluate the key elements of successful collaboration, and possible obstacles to a collaborative negotiation strategy in the context of the supply relationship]

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