Secular and religious expression in israeli performing arts

Secular and religious expression in israeli performing arts
Project description
In your paper you are expected to write a thoughtful analytic essay in which you address one of the themes we discussed during the semester. The main focus of your paper should be an attempt to discuss “Contemporary Israeli Culture” through the prism of the arts. In other words, try to think of the unique perspective that works of art created within the israeli socio-cultural context offer to better understand the questions and issues this country faces. How, in other words , do works of art differ from sociological, journalistic , anthropological or other discursive modes in reflecting questions of israeli identity/identities? When you write about works of art do your best to not only examine the thematic ideas that are represented and negotiated by the works of art but also to think about the specific forms that are chosen by the artists to express those ideas. Make sure to include full details about the works of art(title, creator, dates.venues,etc.)


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