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Unit V Mini Project

Write a two-page paper describing a basic experimental design for the proposal.

Design a basic experiment to assess a cause and effect relationship based on your research question. Include the

following information:

1. Research the objective.

2. Explain if the design is a true experiment or a quasi-experiment. Justify your selection.

3. Develop a hypothesis based on your research question.

4. Evaluate your hypothesis according to the characteristics provided in the lecture. Be specific.

5. Describe the independent variables, blocking variables, dependent variables, and extraneous variables.

6. Explain how you plan to deal with issues related to internal and external validity. Be specific.

7. Conclusion: Highlight the major points discussed in the previous sections. Be sure to relate the information back

to the purpose and relevance of the research.

You must use correct APA formatting when writing your paper. All references used, including the textbook, must be cited.

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