Shrek (2001) and the fairy tale

Shrek (2001) and the fairy tale

This essay requires 2 main parts: 1) the essay 2) the Annotated Bibliography. 9 full pages is for the essay, and 2 pages is for the Annotated Bibliography.

The subject of the Analysis and Research is on “Shrek (2001)” Movie 1.

Essay Requirements: (9 pages)
I expect the essays to be well written. There are however some special detailed requirements required for this essay such as number of sources. So here’s the list
1) The subject of the essay is on the movie “Shrek (2001)”. It’s not about the 2nd Shrek movie. ONLY the “Shrek” Movie #1.
2) Has a “scope” that is proportionate to the length of the paper.
3) Shows a critical and thorough “analysis” of the movie “Shrek (2001)”
4) Employs a formal, academic tone, avoiding colloquialism and bias
5) has a clear, well-formulated “thesis” statement covering the scope of the paper.
6) has a structure, and topic sentences covering the main idea of each paragraph.
7) uses a minimum of 7 SOURCES, of which at least 4 are academic. Don’t incorporate two much information from only 1 of the sources. Make it a variety. 1 from each one is good enough for 7 different sources. Avoid quotations, and just use it in your own words.
8) use MLA formatting guidelines throughout
9) is written in grammatically and stylistically correct English.


Annotated Bibliography (2 pages)
1) Writes about at least 4 sources.
2) tell why it is relevant: how are you going to incorporate it? and why?
3) a very brief summary. The summary is brief. Don’t spend the whoel annotated bibliography going over a summary.


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