Social Media plan

Social Media plan

Greate a social media only project for a new soft drink called Jazz. This is a diet cola with a very, very high caffeine count. The soda will be introduced July 1. The social media campaign will kick off Memorial Day weekend and run through Labor Day weekend.

Jazz, at a minimum, will have a main Facebook page called Jazz and a second page called Jazz Dance. The Twitter feed will be @jazzdrink and @jazzdance. There will also be a YouTube channel and a FourSquare badge for businesses that serve Jazz.

Create a 3-part social media plan.

Part 1 will be a branding introduction of the product, part 2 will be the launch day of July 1 (the day the cola is available in stores) and part 3 will continue building awareness until the end of the campaign.

Please include what you would put on both Facebook pages, samples of the Tweets sent for each phase, and what type of videos would be created for YouTube.

Explain how the campaign will be different for a B2C audience and a B2B audience.

Because Jazz is a high-caffeine drink, there could be ethical concerns. Please include what materials you would have ready to deploy in case this issue comes up. (On August 12th, something very bad is going to happen. You decide what that is).

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