Statistic in Action

Statistic in Action
Assignment 2: Statistics in Action
Assignment: Please cut and paste the following website into you web browser: Please read the article titled “The Corporate Welfare State and Growing Inequality in American Society.” After reading this article, please complete a short paper addressing the following questions: What is the main argument of this article; how does the author (Dr. Brown) use statistics to support his argument. Is Dr. Brown’s argument convincing? You will not be penalized for disagreeing with me. As always, you are required to provide evidence to support your point(s).

Instructions: This paper should be typed written and its minimum length is 2 full pages addressing the questions delineated above. Please include a cover page, which contains your name, class title, etc. The paper should have a 1 inch right and left margins. Additionally, please utilize the 12 points Times New Roman font. As a rule, if you satisfy the minimum requirements your paper’s grade will be a C+. This paper is due in class on Wednesday,

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