Statistical assignment

Statistical assignment
o All questions are based on an expanded version of the cross-national Democracy dataset that you’ve used in labs. This dataset is, Democracy_large.dta
o Remember to ensure that missing data are treated as such.

For each question, include in your answer:

? A diagram of the hypothesised relationship
? The statistical procedure that you used and why
? The relevant null hypothesis
? The relevant results from your statistical analysis presented in nice tables or graphs (please don’t just copy the Stata output!)
? The significance and – if significant – the form and strength of the relationship(s) in question
? A diagram of the relationship(s) given your results
? A conclusion of what your results mean (in terms of the real variables), and whether and why they confirm your expectations

For some questions, your answer may include:

? Further relevant results (e.g. the additional results obtained via regression)
? Graphs of the relationships identified
? Any problems with the variables that reduce confidence in your results (or proof that you’ve checked for such problems)
? Any possible explanations of surprising results
Research hypothesis: Turnout tends to be higher in proportional representation electoral systems
Variables: ‘votevp90’, ‘Elecpr’
(8 marks)
Research hypothesis: A country’s predominant religion influences its democratic status today
Variables: ‘Relig5’, ‘FHdummy2008’
(6 marks)
Research hypothesis: That influence of predominant religion is wearing off over time
Variables: ‘Relig5’, ‘FHdummy1975’ (and compare with results from Q2a)
(6 marks)
Research hypothesis: Where women have had greater access to tertiary education, they had more representation in government positions
Variables: ‘f_ter2001’, ‘WomGov2005’
(7 marks)
Research hypothesis: There is no relationship between women’s access to tertiary education and their access to government positions once we control for a country’s general level of social and economic development
Variables: ‘f_fter2001’, ‘WomGov2005’, ‘gdp2000’, plus maximum two others of your choice
(13 marks)
(Total: 40 marks)




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