The Adoption of Operations Management Concepts and Their Impact on Corporate Performance

Ignore the Concepts and Fail Vs.
Embrace the Concepts and Prosper”
Professor Vitt
Research Project Requirements
1.0 Scope:
Operations Management 52-620-325
OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Research Project Requirements
The purpose of the Research Project is to provide you the opportunity to thoroughly understand how a particular Operations Management concept has either significantly helped an organization or as a result of the management’s ignorance of the topic, significantly damaged the organization.
2.0 Requirements:
You may select any Operations Management topic from the course that you will use as your basis of your research and any corporation that you have an interest in studying. The corporation may be a Multi-National conglomerate or a local business where you may have worked. You are to formulate an argument in either the positive, or negative, based on the performance of the company’s management in relation to the course topic chosen. You will be required to turn in a brief Abstract that identifies the concept and company chosen as well as your argument by the date shown on the Syllabus. Sample Abstracts are shown in the Appendix. You will then be required to turn in the actual Research Project as defined in Section 3.0 by the date shown in the Syllabus.
3.0 Research Project Format:
The format and structure of the Research Project shall be in accordance with the current American Psychological Association, APA, structure. If you are not familiar with this format, then that will be the beginning phase of your research. Please refer to for guidance and additional information. Points will be deducted if the format does not adhere to the APA structure.
The length of the Research Paper shall be a minimum of five to a maximum of ten pages of text.
Charts, photos, figures, data tables, etc. are encouraged in order to support your argument and are pages over and above the required pages of text.
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Professor Vitt Operations Management Research Project Requirements 52-620-325
4.0 Research Content:
As you listen and learn during the class lectures or as you proactively review the various topics in this course in advance, select a concept, tool, technique or topic that you feel a connection with based on your personal interests and/or experiences. Once you have selected a topic, identify a company that has either made significant accomplishments as a result of successfully embracing and implementing the theory and concept discipline or identify a company that, as a result of ignoring these basic fundamental concepts, has left the company in jeopardy, up to and including bankruptcy. The positive or negative impact to the company does not necessarily need to be in strictly financial terms, although in some roundabout way it eventually will lead back to a financial impact. By not observing the concepts and using the tools and techniques presented in this course, companies may have their reputation damaged, product quality diminished, management integrity questioned and more which ultimately impact the shareholders. Other companies have fully embraced the contributions of Operations Management and appreciate the concepts and techniques. As a result, their businesses have flourished and have achieved remarkable success in inventory reduction, cycle time reduction, cost improvement, Supply Chain excellence, profitability and more. Your objective is to analyze the selected company’s performance in relation to the course topic selected and draw a conclusion. Develop your argument by providing supporting research material and data drawn from such areas as Annual Reports, periodicals, current news articles, on-line research, etc. You are required to use at least four references and correctly annotate their reference. It is also highly recommended that you use current companies and events in your Research Project that are shaping the business landscape.
It is recommended that you include in your project an explanation as to how the Operations concept / topic is supposed to be used effectively by organizations. Then proceed to introduce your selected company and the argument that you will make. I am interested in reading about your knowledge and understanding of the selected Operations concept and to ensure you thoroughly understand what that impact had, and why, on the organization.
5.0 Deliverables:
1.    Research Project Abstract using the format in the APPENDIX. You are required to submit your Abstract on a single page. Refer to the Course Syllabus for the Abstract due date.
2.    Research Project using the APA format as described in Section 3.0, herein. You are required to submit the original Research Project. Refer to the Course Syllabus for the Project due date.
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Professor Vitt
Research Project Requirements
Operations Management 52-620-325
Course Topic:
Cellular Layouts
Six Sigma
Innovative assembly techniques and layouts have enabled the company to be flexible in their process capability thus enabling the company to be the industry leader in cycle time.
By focusing on eliminating process variation in both the assembly process and design process, Motorola has achieved world-class excellence in quality and is viewed as the benchmark for Six Sigma.
The following are typical abstract examples, two positive and two negative. You are only to turn in one Abstract that is either a Positive Argument or a Negative Argument and only focused on one concept and one company.
Abstract Example Arguments for the Positive:
As a result of Management’s constant strive for process improvement and their ability to maintain an open mind, the following companies have flourished by successfully implementing the Course Topic shown and as a result, significantly improved their bottom line, product quality or corporate image.
Abstract Example Arguments for the Negative:
As a result of Management ignoring the Course Topic shown, their company has run into trouble and has experienced a significant impact to their bottom line by reduced Sales or Gross Margin, a tarnished image or an adverse impact to the quality and reliability of their product.
Course Topic:
Forecasting Supply Chain
GMC Boeing
Lack of accurate forecasting an attention to buyer behavior patterns resulted in excessive inventory that almost put the company out of business.
Insufficient management and oversight of the supply chain has lead to multiple delays of the 787 test flight and as a result has tarnished the company’s image and integrity of the product.
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