The Cosby Show and Roseanne

The Cosby Show and Roseanne

After watching the two shows write a five paragraph essay comparing and/or contrasting the two families. You may choose any three main points to address. For example, you could look at how the siblings interact with each other or you may look at socioeconomic status of the families.These are just some suggestions; you may write about any aspects of the shows that you wish.

Links to shows. You may have to open them in an outside window:


The Cosby Show

Make sure to refer to the families as follows: from Roseanne the family name is Conner; from The Cosby Show the family name is Huxtable (NOT Cosby). You may also go to to find information on the characters, the show, etc.


Here is the infomation needed for your Works Cited page:

Show — Roseanne

Episiode — “Inherit the Wind”

Show — The Cosby Show

Episode — “A Shirt Story”

The rest you can find on the youtube links. In addition, you can see out how to cite videos from youtube in your handbook.

Submit your papers to me through the Essay #3 Dropbox.

Pay close attention to the organization of your paper. Refer back to the beginning of the semester when we reviewed the five-paragraph essay format. Please make sure to proofread your papers. Also, please feel free to email me via ANGEL with any questions that you may have.



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