The epic of Gilgamesh


Write a 1000 word creative piece which responds to one or more of the themes below plus approx. 500 words of commentary explaining your writing choices in relation to at least two set texts in topic I.

Topics The epic of Gilgamesh

Timothy Morton being ecological hwang sok-youg princess bari Themes Creativity and ambiguity The limits of representation Embodied and pragmatic knowing Language as dwelling place Language as gathering and separating Literature, death and limits Transcendence The space of literature The value of the difference between things Natural metaphor Modelling across sign systems Animals and humans Environmental art Nature and environment Cultural and natural evolution The Anthropocene Ambient poetics Land, tradition and belonging Settler and/or colonial culture Displacement, deracination and/or migration Unequal distribution of risk, danger and death Global and local knowledge Transnational and national culture You’ll be expected to appraise, review and critically engage with the complex arguments about language and literature, and philosophical and ecological arguments about being studied in topic 1. You will also be expected to contextualise your argument with reference to secondary reading recommended to you in the module handbook and Talis reading list online. If you are writing a creative piece you’ll be expected to explain in your commentary how your stylistic and creative choices are responses to the ideas about language, literature, ecology and being we discuss in topic 1 and also to refer to secondary reading about these. A good assignment will respond to LO1 by clearly setting out some of the conceptual commitments of the writers and thinkers we discuss in topic 1 and explaining them with reference to secondary academic texts.

You should expect your tutor’s feedback to comment on the extent to which you have  done this and the clarity of your explanation and review of these writers’ and thinkers’ ideas. A good assignment will respond to LO2 by making clear the relationship between the conceptual and philosophical principles in topic 1 and exemplary literary works. These can be works we have studied in topic 1 or other works which you justify as illustrative of the ideas discussed in topic 1. You should expect feedback on your work to focus on how closely you produce evidence that ties together the concepts we have discussed and literary works of art. A good assignment will respond to LO3 by explaining how the ideas in topic 1 have changed your understanding of literary creativity and critical practice. Here you should be able to engage critically with a part of a writer’s argument studied in topic 1 and argue persuasively or explain in your commentary on your creative writing practice how this idea has changed your approach to poetic and literary works of art. You should expect feedback on your work to focus on whether you have given a persuasive account of how the ideas studied in topic 1 have altered your creative practice and/or your understanding of literary works of art. 

The epic of Gilgamesh

The epic of Gilgamesh
Paper should respond to the following questions
1) what characteristic of leaders are admired in the reading. Choose and describe a leader who represents the values of the author. Refer to specific examples in the reading and give page citations

2) what human struggles are described. Choose and describe the struggle you feel is most significant for the reading. Refer to specific examples in the reading and give page citations

3) what does this reading say to us in 2012. Give a specific example in the reading with page citation and explains the meaning or parallel in today’s experience.

Typed double space, 12 point time new roman, 1 inch margin



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