The Progressive Movement

 Assignment #1 MLA format 1. Using details from three of the documents(in the links below), “evaluate the attempts by several reformers from the period to solve problems in the United States.” ** using specific reference to the documents*** 2. include a thorough summary of each of the documents you utilize in your essay (summarize each document in separate paragraph) . 3. include your general reactions to the content of the documents where appropriate. In your essay, you should demonstrate knowledge of the reading in the text beyond the document itself. Be sure to proofread your response prior to submission – points will be deducted for errors. The goal of the document analysis assignments is to show your ability to analyze historical documents, and demonstration of critical thinking and the ability to connect the document to the historical context is necessary. Documents #1 Document #2 Document#3

The Progressive Movement

Project instructions:
Background: The Progressive Movement was a complicated, and sometimes contradictory, phenomenon that sometimes pushed for the expansion of popular democracy while at other times, or

even simultaneously, advocated that the functions of government be placed in the hands of experts. The movement addressed some of the worst domestic problems of its time, but its

mainstream largely ignored widespread and worsening racial injustices.

Instructions: Review the Progressive Movement of the first two decades of the twentieth century, and generalize what you take to be its core principles. What were the specific economic, social,

and political problems that the Progressives sought to address and how did they approach these issues at the local and national levels? How successful were Progressives in implementing their

reforms? Describe the variations within Progressivism, including the differing agendas of white and black Progressives. Assess the success of specific Progressive policies and approaches.

Consider the impact of the First World War on Progressivism, and vice versa.

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