Theories in Action

Theories in Action

For this assignment, you will be working with the TEN theories in Table 2.1 on p.32 in Chapter 2. You may sub a few of these out for theories on Table 2.2 on p.33 if you so choose, BUT you will likely find it easier to stick to Table 2.1. If you have other theories from other communication classes that you feel could apply, see me and we’ll see if you can legitimately use them.

You will have 5-7 minutes to present on this assignment. Choose a few of your favorite examples to present on – you do not have to (and cannot possibly!) present on ALL of your examples. These presentations are informal and not a part of your grade.
For each theory that you choose, provide the following:




a. Briefly explain the theory in your own words, including all of the important element

b. Find a real life example of the theory in action. In other words, look for specific instances of the type of persuasion that the theory exemplifies and select one of them to describe. You may utilize newspaper articles, cartoons, advertisements, political statements/speeches, religious doctrines, PR statements, editorials, cult doctrine, youtube videos, bumper stickers etc. etc. If you can, hand in your example with the assignment. If you cannot, make sure you describe it in detail. If it is a youtube video, please provide the link IN ADDITION TO your detailed descr

c. Briefly explain how the theory is evident in your example.


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