Theory of audience on sustability

Theory of audience on sustability

A Theory of Audience

Your final project asks you to demonstrate the metacognitive awareness we have been developing all semester–it asks you to be aware of the choices you make and the potentialconsequences of those choices. Note that this is not a paper about your topic–it is a paper about how you approach a topic. Your genre project is about the topic; this paper is about your genre project.

Your genre project asks you to develop a researched project for a specific audience, with a specific purpose. This paper asks you to articulate the choices that you made, why you made them, and how they fit with the audience and purpose. Remember that an audience is NEVER everyone.

Begin your paper by establishing the exigence: what are you responding to and and why does it require a response. This should include the research that you have conducted.

Next, describe the frame you will be using (e.g. a crisis/opportunity) and why; describe what rhetorical appeals you will be emphasizing (heart/head) and why.

Then, As clearly as you can, identify the values within the audience that you believe are most open to persuasion and why. What are the limits of the reach you likely to achieve (who is not likely to respond well to your argument). Within this section you should be able to connect frame and audience–why does your audience care about this and how do your choices activate (appeal to) those values.

Make an argument for the genre you have chosen. Describe your choice of genre, the limitations of that genre, and the reason you believe your genre will reach your audience. Note the problems you are likely to encounter but explain why the benefits of your choices outweigh the potential risks.

Finally, explain what it is you believe your project achieves. What will happen when your audience encounters your text? Are you hoping for action? Consideration? Discussion? Contributions? Awareness? Does your project provide your audience with the tools necessary to do that? Explain.



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