To sum up, the process of the wind turbine split into different stages like,

To sum up, the process of the wind turbine split into different stages like,

1. The wind passes over the blades and makes them turn (kinetic energy)
2. The blades turn a shaft within the nacelle (the box at the top of the turbine)
3. Traditionally, the shaft connects to a gear box which increases the rotational speed enough for the generator. However, some turbines, including the Enercon E70s that we have just installed at our wind farm in Delabole, utilise a direct drive, gearless technology. You can read more about this here.
4. The generator then converts the rotational energy into electrical energy.
5. The power output then goes into an inverter which converts the DC (direct current) electricity coming out of the generator into AC (alternating current) electricity.

6. A transformer is used to convert the electricity to the right voltage for the local distribution network, typically 11,000 V – 33,000 V.

Solar PV:

Photovoltaic (PV) cells convert radiation from the sun into electricity. A typical PV cell consists of a wafer of semi-conducting material, usually silicon, manufactured with two electrically different layers. When sunlight hits the cell it excites the electrons within the silicon, creating an electric field across the layers and causing a flow of electricity.

Furthermore, solar PV systems are modular, their design offer the PV panels a great degree of flexibility, absorbing energy and specification. In practice, the size of a system is often determined by the available roof space or the energy requirement of the property. A standard 1kWp PV array will occupy at least 8m² of roof.

In addition, there are various kinds of PV cell like monocrystalline cells are made from a single large crystal of silicon – this cell is more efficient with a good performance in low conditions, however they are bit expensive.

On the other hand, Polycrystalline cells are manufactured from cast blocks of silicon that contains a small materials like crystals and those crystals their efficiency is lower than Monocrystalline cells.


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