Topic: Integrated marketing Report

Topic: Integrated marketing Report

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The purpose of this report is for students to demonstrate their
understanding of the strategic purpose of an integrated marketing strategy, by applying marketing theory to a practical context.Recently released onto the Australian

market, students are required to choose ONE (1) New Product
from the list below to use as the focus of their report:
 Mercedes-Benz: A-class ‘A250 Sport’ hatch.
 Rockwell Beverages: ‘Everyday Sunday’ relaxation drinks.
 LG: ‘Lifeband Touch’.
Once chosen, students are required to undertake their own research into how the New Product is marketed (concentrating on the Australian market). This research should

be conducted using only publicly available secondary data (e.g Websites, trade journals, industry reports, magazines), and
students own observations. Using this research and knowledge of marketing theory, students are then required to critically examine the marketing strategy adopted for

the New Product. In particular, with reference to the chosen New Product, students are required to:
 Use defined segmentation variables to construct a ‘profile’ of
the Target Market.
 Identify the Core Value Proposition, and discuss how the
product is `positioned’ in the market relative to TWO (2)
competitor product offerings.
 Critically examine the Product strategy.
 Critically examine the Pricing strategy.
 Critically examine the Place strategy
 Critically examine the Promotion strategy.
 Conclude with a summary opinion on the success of the
marketing strategy.
That is, does the student believe that each element of the Marketing Mix has been effectively integrated to deliver the Core Value Proposition to the Target Market?

Reports should be presented in 12 point font with 1.5 or double line spacing.
Headings should be used to help structure answers, but a table of contents is not required. Page numbers must be used. For this assessment item,students are required

to use a minimum of SEVEN (7) academic references, in addition to secondary sources from which case organisation information is sourced. Reports must submitted by

2.00pm on the due date, or late penalties will be applied


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