if the adult population is 100 million and the employed population is 80 million, if the labor force participation is 85% then what is the portion of the adult population not in the labor force. Show the computation




Annotated Bibliography(Create an "Annotated Bibliography")
My topic is:unemployment
After choosing your topic from the list provided:
(1) Do some research, and find six credible sources that you would use for an argumentative paper on this topic, with three that support your position, and three that support the opposing position.
Please see the Essential Elements lecture: "Evaluating Electronic Sources" before beginning your research!
(2) Create an annotated bibliography of your sources. Each entry in your annotated bibliography should include (a) a Works Cited entry (in MLA style); (b) a summary paragraph for each source; and (c) a commentary paragraph for each source.
For example:
Blair, Jane. ?Five myths about women in combat.? The Washington Post. washingtonpost.com, 27 May
2011. Web. 1 Oct. 2011.
In this article, Blair argues that many of the arguments against women serving in combat roles are not grounded in fact, but in culturally produced stereotypes. She argues that women are already performing in combat roles in the armed services, and do so effectively; they are only limited from participating in ?deliberate, offensive action[s].? Addressing the standard claims that women are physically unprepared, too emotionally fragile, and unable to lead and distracting to their male counterparts, Blair asserts that with the proper training and conditioning, women can be as effective in combat as men.
Commentary: This article really helped me to identify the main arguments against women in combat, especially since Major Blair had collected and responded to all of them in a single, brief article. While she makes a persuasive argument, the most helpful aspect of this source in my research is that it gives me a place to start by identifying the two opposing positions and listing the main arguments for each. My plan is to use each of these as a starting point and gather more research and statistics to support or contradict each of these claims.


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