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Paper instructions:

Reflective Response Essay –
The Reflective Response Essay will have you developing a formal paper (using APA format) which describes your service while demonstrating understanding of the service provided by the organization you served, the impact service has on others and the community and how your service contributed to the overall social issue the organization works to address.
The essay should include a reflection which
integrates your understanding of: course content and/or skills gained, the relationship to real-world situations, relationship to career or major and the relationship between your service and how it should be considered Service Learning rather than Volunteering

Sociology: In Sociology you are introduced to the study of human social activity – processes and patterns of interaction, relationships between groups, and group influences on individual behavior. When you are providing service there is a relationship of some sort between you and others, whether it is between you and those working on the same service project or between you and those who are benefiting from the service you are providing. Consider how the service you
provided or the organization you served might connect to one or more of the topics covered in the field of Sociology. Use correct language and terms from the field of Sociology when making the connection.

Include the following when developing your formal essay:
Please write about where you chose to do your service learning. If you served for more than one organization, choose only one. Consider the following: What is the purpose of the organization where you served? What social issue or concern are they attempting to address? Consider their overall mission or objective. What was your responsibility? Why did you choose this particular site or organization?

Course Connections. Describe the connections found between the concepts and/or skills gained in the Sociology course and the service experience.
Discuss how this service might relate to your major. Remember that we live in an interconnect world where one area influences another in some respect.

Consider the following: Does the organization or the service you provided directly or indirectly relate to your field of study? Did you gain any transferable skills
you could take with you into the work place or your field of study? Were you able to apply any knowledge from your field of study to the service you provided?

Civic Responsibility. Review various resources for definitions of “civic responsibility.” Review the “What is Service Learning?” document in the Service Learning (in ANGEL) then investigate other resources and
their description of Service Learning.

Reflecting on the various definitions, answer the following: Do you
feel that membership (citizenship) in a community necessarily includes an obligation to serve others? If so, why is service a necessary aspect of citizenship, and how much service is appropriately expected of community members? Should everyone serve at the Volunteer level or should everyone become more
involved and engage in Service Learning? If neither should be an obligation, explain why is service not a necessary component of membership (citizenship) in a community?

Service Learning vs Volunteering. Explain how the service you provided should be considered Service Learning rather than Volunteering.




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