What do Communitarians think is wrong with Liberalism? Are they right?

What do Communitarians think is wrong with Liberalism? Are they right?


Question: What do communitarians think is wrong with Liberalism? Are they right?
Refer at least to one of the following two books: Communitarianism and its Critics, by Daniel Bell and Liberals and Communitarians, Stephen Mulhall and Adam Swift.

In the introductions, you need an orientation statement, thesis statement ( i.e what is your answer to the essay question? And what is your position on the topic?) And mention the purpose of the essay- outline of the key issues.

For all the paragraphs, start with a topic sentence (the main idea of this paragraphs), Evidence- information to support your point, including references and then linking sentence to conclude the paragraph.

Make sure you have demonstrate a good understanding of the political philosophical positions examined and present either a good critical analysis of the arguments and the implications of the views or a strikingly interesting original contribution showing evidence of serious thought. You engage with the likely objections to your own position.


A.Structure: Relevance of material to the topic question, Clarity? Succinctness of introduction and clarity and logic of essay structure are excellent.

B.Exposition and argument: understanding material, exposition detail (use examples, expansion and explanation where needed, etc), consideration of and reflection on material, independent/ original work and quality of argumentation.

C.Style and scholarship: Clarity felicity of expression, Spelling and grammar, Acknowledgement of sources and referencing correct.

D. In conclusion, sum up key points, Restate the thesis/ argument (ie make a conclusion) and consider wider implications.

Readings to consider:

Bell, D., Communitarianism and its Critics

Swift, A. & Mulhall, S., Liberals and Communitarians

Sandel, M., Liberalism and the limits of justice

Michael J. Sandel “Morality and liberal Ideal” in John Arthur and William H. shaw (eds.) Social and political philosophy. Prentice Hall, 1992 pp. 564-568.




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